Dress Code

Although we are not “color-coded” or regimented in our dancewear for class, it is necessary to dress appropriately and sensibly.

Acceptable attire: (What do I wear?)
  • Proper shoes must be worn for each class!
  • Leotards and tights, Leotards and sweatpants or spandex dance pants, removable sweatshirts until you warm up, with leotards or tee shirts underneath.
  • Keep your hair pulled back and out of your face.
Unacceptable attire: (What NOT to wear?)
  • Bare legs are not acceptable! Muscles should be kept warm and protected for peak performance, as well as the prevention of splinters, bruises, or the spread of bacteria.
  • Jeans are not acceptable!
  • Heavy sweaters, jackets, pullovers, or layers that cannot be removed are not acceptable.
  • Long pants (even dance pants) that drag on the floor are absolutely unacceptable! Pants that are too long are a safety hazard and cause the dancer to fall if their heel gets caught in the pant leg while jumping or turning.
Acrobatics students should keep hair pulled back or pinned up to avoid having it stepped on & pulled out while tumbling!
  • Two-Piece outfits are not advisable for acrobatics students! Your shirt will hike up above your chest when you do cart-wheels, headstands, etc. It is too time-consuming to wait for a student who has to adjust their clothing after every trick. For modesty and comfort’s sake, please stick to unitards or leotards with tights or pants.

USE COMMON SENSE! Dress for dancing, sweating, and working. Do not dress as if you are going to school or out with your friends. Approach your dance work with the right attitude. What you get out of it is what you put into it!

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