Studio Policies

Safety Memo and Rules

Attendance Policy: Attendance is important to each student’s success and growth. Excessive absences can cause a student to feel lost and confused in regard to technique and dance sequences. In order to prepare our students not only for our annual show but for furthering their dancing education, it is important for them to attend class in order to be a part of the studio and to grow. Wappingers Dance Educators reserves the right to prohibit recital participation to students with excessive absences, regardless of whether a costume has been purchased.

Payment Plans: No refunds or credits will be given to those paying on the monthly or trimester plans. Monthly and Trimester discounts are only given to those who pay within the 1st 7 days of any given month or trimester, those who miss this cut off pay at the weekly rate. Registration for new students is $10.00, plus $15.00 for annual insurance. Any returning students only pay annual insurance of $15.00 per student up to 3 classes, for any additional classes there will be a non-refundable fee of $3.00 per class. Registration and Insurance fees are non-refundable.

Parental Pick-Up: Once children go down the staircase, teachers have no idea where they are or with whom they leave. Please instruct your child to remain in the waiting room, until their ride arrives. For your child’s safety, please be prompt when you pick them up, as the completion of their lessons time marks the end of their teacher supervision! Children in combination classes should not be left at the studio without an adult waiting for them in the waiting room, in the case of them needing to use the restroom or to change their shoes.

Waiting room: Please be aware that teachers are NOT responsible for any children left unattended in the waiting room, either during or between classes. Doors leading to the dance floor remain closed while classes are in session; teachers cannot be conducting dance lessons in one room while babysitting children in another. Consequently, if you leave your children for any extended periods before or after classes, they will be unsupervised. NO CHILDREN SHOULD BE IN THE WAITING ROOM WITHOUT THEIR PARENTS. The dance studio is an educational facility, and unlimited observation of your children’s classes is a privilege allowed by very few dancing schools. Younger family members and friends are permitted to watch only if accompanied by the student’s parent.

Bathroom and Hallways: Bathrooms are not part of the dancing school facilities, but are shared with employees of the maintenance department of the mall. As they are across the hall, they are out of range for supervision. We keep them locked for our customers: protection (the key is kept on a hook near the office window). Please try to make sure your child takes care of bathroom needs before class. If children must use the bathroom when their parents are not present, we use the “buddy” system or ask another parent to take them. Hallways are also not part of the dancing school premises, and no students, or siblings or friends or students, may loiter, play, or hang around in the halls or on the staircase.

  • No Parents allowed in the doorway, or in the classroom while class is in session.
  • No Video Taping or recording of classes are allowed, with no exceptions. Flash photos may be taken only through the observation window, and only with teachers’ permission.
  • No Smoking is allowed on the premises.
  • No gum chewing allowed in the dance room.
  • Dress Code and Snow Policy –see additional sheets.  

Thank you for your Cooperation!

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